Friday, July 19, 2024

Where Can You Learn about the Local History in Little Rock?

Little Rock is a city that’s come up in history repeatedly: and for a good reason!  There’s a lot that’s happened here, from civil rights movements to the changes in government and more.  If you’re making a history-inspired trip, these are the top places to learn about the city! 

Little Rock Central High School

One of the largest and most iconic pieces of history in Little Rock is desegregation.  When schools were ordered to start integrating all students together, nine black children were chosen to start going to a previously all-white school first.  This caused massive fallout, mobs, fighting, and arrests, and it took several tries before the students could eventually get into the schools: even then, they were faced with prejudice from their peers.

This piece of history is important to learn, and this historic site gives you a chance to learn it. 

Museum of Discovery

If you’re in town looking at Little Rock houses for sale with your kids, stop and take them to the Museum of Discovery!  This interactive museum is a massive chance for children to learn about how the world works and why being creative and learning about science matters so much.

Not only does the Museum of Discovery work on a child’s level to get them excited about science: it tackles complex issues like STEM in a way that’s understandable and interesting to them.  This is a must-stop for any family in the Little Rock ARea.

Old State House Museum

Looking incredibly similar to the Whitehouse, with its tall columns and bright white exterior surrounded by lush gardens, the Old State House Museum offers a walk through of Arkansas up until this building was no longer in use.  This was the site of the secession convention, as well as where the fourth constitutional convention occurred that allowed for voting rights for freedmen and established public education. 

Arkansas State Capitol

This neoclassical building is the pride and joy of Arkansas, with a domed top and countless windows allowing natural light to pour in.  Tours walk you through the history of the state and give you the opportunity to better understand how we got to the modern day.  This is an incredibly interesting stop for anyone to make.  

Historic Arkansas Museum

Arkansas is an older state than many realize and is home to historic properties that go back hundreds of years.  The Historic Arkansas Museum walks visitors through the history of the area while giving them a chance to walk within the log cabins that were built back then and learn about the real people who lived there.  This is a fantastic way to connect life now and then while also making it feel tangible and real.  

This City Has a Wild History

Little Rock has an incredible and interesting history that can feel equal parts exhausting and exhilarating to learn.  If you’re in the city and you want to get to know it better, consider stopping into some of these locations to learn more.