Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Responsibilities of Seller in Amazon FBA Business

Amazon FBA business is a business model in which people are making a quick flow of money by investing little in it. With the Amazon FBA business model, the responsibilities of doing business are divided among the seller and the Amazon. However, it’s clear that Amazon is providing the seller the fulfillment services which can ensure the seller to have professional shipping and storage.

For those, who haven’t a clear idea of what the actual responsibilities Amazon is going to undertake and which services the seller is required to provide, this detailed article will help you and make things regarding the responsibilities very much clear.

Responsibilities of the Seller

Getting with the Product to Sell– In the case of Amazon FBA, the seller is required to get with the product or more than one product idea to sell on Amazon. The seller has to create the product listing of the product which would be sold on Amazon along with the real-life pictures (High Quality ), and add the product listing to the inventory list of Amazon Seller Central Account. This is mandatory for each seller to list the product which is to be sold.

Prepare the product in huge quantity– The seller is responsible for producing the product or getting permission from other brands who are manufacturing the product. Amazon is not responsible for searching a manufacturer or production of what the seller is going to sell through the Amazon website.

Ship the Product Produced– Once the product is manufactured, it’s the responsibility of the seller to get the services of freight forwarders and ship it to the Amazon warehouse. In this case, while creating the shipment plan through the dashboard of Amazon, it’s necessary to get the warehouse address from Amazon for the specific marketplace where the seller would be selling in the future. Also, it is important for the seller to provide the sourcing party, that is, from where the inventory is coming along the GTIN number of the cases in which the product would be received at the Amazon warehouse.

Managing the Seller Account- Once the product gets life; it’s the responsibility of the seller to maintain the account. All the tasks which are related to account management are the responsibility of the seller. Either the seller manages the seller account or hires a professional to manage the account.

Inventory Management– Inventory management is also that of the seller. The seller needs to keep an eye on the inventory. This required to orders and the velocity with which orders are placed for the products listed at the Amazon Seller Central account. The seller should order the inventory or manage to get the inventory before the stock would run away with the orders. This is not a right sign to remain live with a listing at Amazon with zero units in the stock.

Marketing Campaigns- The seller is also responsible for the marketing campaigns if need or the seller wants to run for boosting the sales. However, if the seller runs an automatic campaign, then running the campaign is the responsibility of the Amazon and managing all other tasks is the responsibility of the seller.