Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Is Trade Nation a Safe Broker?

In this age when the vogue of trading is raising swiftly among clients, Trade Nation Ltd is a broking company innovated in 2020. Although it is extremely new in the market, the company has conserved its name and continually promoted itself. The casualties of retail investor account losing money or stocks are less.

But this instant fame does not mean that Trade Nation is a safe broker for you. No matter how much a broker is famous, its safety and risks depend on some other factors. And after assuming all of them, we have found out that Trade Nation is a completely safe and legit broker.

But how? Let’s see in this article:

Trade Nation is a Regulated Broker

Trade Nation broker is regulated by some well-known authorities of the world of FX and CFD trading globally. Trade Nation is regulated by:

  • FSCA (the Financial Sector Conduct Authority Commission) in South Africa.
  • FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in the UK.
  • In Australia, you can avail of ASIC (the Australian Securities and Investment Commission).
  • SCB (the Securities Commission of the Bahamas) in the Bahamas.

Factor of Regulations

Regulation is probably the biggest factor on which a broker’s safety is dependant. If a broker is regulated, it always means that it is safer than the broker that is never regulated. But it is not the end. Whenever you are talking about the legality and safety of a broker, you must also keep regulatory authorities in mind.

If a broker is regulated by a well-known and reliable security authority of a particular region, then you can confidently say,” This is the broker of my type.” Because a broker that is trusted by reliable authorities will always be the good one. (this is a tested and approved fact)

And in the case of Trade Nation broker, FCA and ASIC are bigger and more valuable security authorities when we are talking about FX and CFD trading. Because they are from two of the biggest industries of FX, stocks, and CFD trading: UK and Australia.

But it never means that South Africa and the Bahamas are small industries. Still, they are smaller industries than UK and Australia. Got it? In fact, South Africa is probably one of the biggest markets of FX trading among developing countries. In contrast, the Bahamas is the smallest among them.

How to Know Which Security Authority will be the Best for You?

Here we will talk about Trade Nation brokers concerning security authorities. When you have options of more than one security authority, then it is always difficult to choose one of them. Right? If you are an inhabitant of any of these countries (UK, Australia, South Africa, and the Bahamas), you must go for your country.

But if you don’t live in any of these areas of this world, then you have to follow these rules:

  • Go for that security authority that is closer to your country. For example, If you are from New Zealand, then ASIC is the best option for you.
  • If two or more authorities are close to your country or none of the authorities are close to your country, go for a bigger and better one. (FCA>ASIC>FSCA>SCB).

Last Words

So, it is a completely safe broker. But still, if you want to know more about Trade Nation, read now.