Tuesday, June 18, 2024

HID Accessibility Card and Next-Generation Controller Platforms Offer Effective Business Protection Solutions

HID Global cards address federal credentials requirements with physical access to secure buildings and logical access to government computer resources. With more than five million government contractors and employees already using the HID Accessibility Card, this card has proven its effectiveness. HID Global cards offer superior user experiences with the longest warranties and industry-leading reliability specifications. HID Global’s contact-based and RFID readers are both highly secure and reliable, ensuring that your staff has the right access control Business Security Solutions Houston for their needs.

HID Global’s OMNIKEY Secure Element supports applications in connected workplaces

The OMNIKEY Secure Element is a new RFID-based security platform that sets the standard for reader manufacturers. It provides a comprehensive set of integrated features that support connected solutions across the workplace, healthcare environment, and education campus. The OMNIKEY Secure Element replaces HID Global’s iCLASS SE Processor and offers increased security and integration capabilities.

HID Mobile Access is an easy-to-use alternative to physical access cards

The HID Mobile Access portal turns a smart device into a secure key, providing users with access credentials to a building. After granting credentials to users, the device places itself near a reader. It communicates with the reader by way of a traditional ‘tap’ mode or a twisting gesture. Users can then enter the code in the HID Mobile Access app to gain access.

Brivo is a SaaS credentialing solution

The Brivo software offers comprehensive enterprise-grade UI and real-time data visualizations for a holistic view of an organization’s properties. A real-time picture of normal activity across different spaces helps security teams understand emerging trends and minimize the time and expense of manual monitoring. An enterprise-grade solution offers anomaly detection and automated incident response to protect your organization’s assets and users.

HID VertX controllers provide all-round access management

HID Global, a trusted leader in secure identity solutions, has announced the production release of next-generation controller platforms, bringing intelligence to networked access control. These platforms offer flexible, scalable development platforms, advanced remote management options, and powerful custom rules engine. In addition, they can be used for a variety of complementary applications. Here are some examples of how they can benefit Business Cloud Solutions Charlotte.

Keyscan 1386 is an easy-to-use smart card reader

Its compact size, high-performance features, and easy-to-use smart card reading interface make it a popular choice among companies that require efficient smart card access. Despite its simplicity, the Keyscan 1386 is capable of identifying HID accessibility cards and other types of smart cards. Its innovative features include a bit stream analysis and 32-bit Wiegand string output.