Saturday, June 15, 2024

Do TV Channels Change After Cancelling Spectrum Internet?

Spectrum is the biggest and most noteworthy cable provider in the US. Subscribers get the freedom to choose from the standalone internet or TV plans or bundles. If you’re seeking an all-round experience, we’d recommend Spectrum bundles.

Spectrum bundles are available in Double and Triple Play variants. Standard double play bundles offer Internet and cable TV. Add Spectrum phone to the mix and you can turn it all into Triple Play – it’s that easy.

Another great thing about Spectrum is the no-contract feature. You can upgrade from standalone service to a bundle or downgrade from bundles to a standalone internet or TV-only plan, without incurring any consequences. Speaking of which, have you ever been in a situation when you’re ready to cancel your Spectrum internet subscription, but a question keeps popping up in your head – Do TV channels change after canceling Spectrum internet? Well, the answer is, No.

Spectrum cable TV plans are available on their own. You don’t have to obligate yourself to an internet plan to enjoy special discounts. Whatever the reason is, if you consider downgrading from Spectrum Internet + TV Double play package to a TV-only plan, you won’t incur any sort of cancellation charges or changes in channel line-up and other features.

What Happens When You Downgrade From Spectrum TV+Internet to TV-only?


Let’s suppose you’ve subscribed to Spectrum gold package with Internet 200 and Spectrum TV Gold, and you pay monthly $139.98 for it. Now, canceling Spectrum internet from the mix would ultimately reduce your bill to the actual cost of Spectrum TV Gold, i.e. $94.99/mo.

TV Channels

Spectrum TV Select offers 125+ channels, Silver offers 175+, while the gold package gets you 200+ TV channels. Should you plan to cancel your internet service and downgrade to a TV-only plan, you would not experience any changes in the line-up.

On-Demand Library

How can we possibly forget this one? Spectrum TV plans unlock a great array of On Demand choices. Even if you’re not using the Internet, you can still access the On Demand library right from your Spectrum TV remote control. Simply go to channel number 1 and there you have it!

Premium Channels

From HBO Max to NFL Network, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and more, all the premium networks in your Spectrum TV plan remain there, even if your Spectrum package is without the internet.

Spectrum TV App

The moment you subscribe to Spectrum TV, you qualify for the Spectrum TV App. There’s absolutely no need to obligate yourself to an Internet + TV double play bundle. To enjoy the Spectrum TV App, download it to your smartphone, tablet, or any device of your choice, and watch live TV at your convenience.

But let’s face it. To make the app work, you would need an internet connection by your side. So, why not the Spectrum internet, right?

Overview of the Provider

Spectrum is the second largest cable provider in the US. It delivers its internet service over the bleeding-edge hybrid Fiber-Coaxial (HFC) network. This network mimics features of fiber, but the price is affordable like cable. Still not convinced? Well, let us give you one more reason to choose Spectrum before wrapping everything up.

Spectrum offers a feature called Contract Buyout. If you’re stuck with your not-so-great provider—only because you don’t want to put up with the hefty cancellation fees—then Spectrum’s got your back. Spectrum offers Contract Buyout up to $500. Switch from your old provider to Spectrum and forget about the cancellation fee. Spectrum will take care of it!

Wrapping It All Up

So, what are you waiting for? You have all the reasons to bring home services from Spectrum. And if you’re already a Spectrum user, feel free to upgrade or downgrade your package whenever you want, without incurring changes in internet speeds or TV channels.