Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Are Corrugated Metals Safe For Use In Raised Garden Beds?

Galvanized metal and corrugated metal are two typical building materials used in the case of raised garden beds. Apart from its robust structure, this material is also a popular choice amongst beginners looking for raised garden beds because it has unique aesthetic capabilities. If you’re thinking about using galvanized steel raised beds, you probably wonder if it is a safe option to plant on them. Growing crops that are harmful and cause health concerns is a nightmare that no Gardner ever wants to face.

Can You Make Raised Garden Beds From Corrugated Metal?

When making raised beds, one typical issue amongst most novices is whether they should use corrugated steel sheets or galvanized sheets for growing plants in a vegetable garden. Corrugated metal sheets are pretty safe for use in raised garden beds. They have a zinc coating. However, before the zinc can be leached in the soil, it has to be broken down by acidity. Zinc from the body of the garden bed will not affect the garden because most of the garden soils are at neutral pH levels. Zinc also acts as an essential micronutrient for plants and is present naturally in the ground.

Should you be concerned about pollutants raining into the soil and making their way to the plans?

Unlike the case of treated lumber which is known to leach chemicals into the soil, galvanized steel is an entirely different story. Treated lumber is not advised to be used for vegetable gardens. However, galvanized steel contains safe chemicals for plants and the people who consume the produce.

Zinc is a vital mineral that is even advised for human consumption in moderate doses. Remember, zinc and such materials were utilized in watering troughs before plastic or galvanized pipes were invented. Thus, zinc can easily be used to construct raised beds. However, zinc is not suitable for cooking. If zinc comes in contact with any acid material in the food, it could cause health issues.

Corrugated sheets of galvanized steel can also survive longer than wood. This is why these were growing in popularity when building raised garden beds. Aside from that, there are several other factors to consider in corrugated raised garden beds like:

  • Sturdiness
  • Durability
  • Rot resistance
  • Ability to resist damage

Most people wish to spend less on the building of the raised beds. Therefore, they tend to choose something that would last for a more extended period and endure the weather changes. Instead of using wood that has been pressure treated, it is better to use galvanized or corrugated metals for raised planters for vegetables since these would last for decades compared to the wood.

Galvanized corrugated material can also improve the garden’s aesthetics and provide an industrial feel depending on your organization’s capabilities. This material has another advantage: it does not quickly swell up or contract. You need not even paint the surface because it is pretty robust.